It’s a Guy Thing


Men will often get their validation from other men; most importantly they look for validation from their fathers. Therein lays a huge and most devastating problem. Most men have grown up in a home where their father is not present in the home or their fathers were emotionally withdrawn, abusive or he was a poor role model concerning women and family.

It has been my experience as I have worked with men, that the statement above has created more problematic issues with men than I care to share. Well, this is why I create a safe place for men to come and address thoseĀ problematic issues. Many of those issues may look like:

  • Violent coping behaviors

  • Depression

  • Porn addiction

  • Stress related medical and physiological issues

  • And difficulty with building and maintaining relationships

There are many factors that help to shape a man’s perception of what a “real man” looks like and unfortunately, those factors are unrealistic. The problem when talking to most men is the fact that most of the time men do not want to talk about their feelings and honestly, they do not know how to appropriately express those feelings and emotions.

It is a commonly known fact that most menĀ  will choose to work or muscle through their problems alone than talk about them to other people. David at Dream Again Life Coaching and Counseling Services provides insight and various tools. He will walk with you using a proven process of identifying the areas in your life that appear to blocked, stagnant, broken, beyond repair and help you as you discover a life that becomes unrestricted, unhindered, full and whole.