Communication and Marriage

We often have married couples talk to us and often ask us lots of questions. After some small talk and we settle in, the subject of communication comes up. Most of the time they will tell us that there is a communication problem and that it has become a major problem in their marriage. The Read More

Are You Feeling Stuck?

As I sat down in the coffee shop to talk with my friend, I realized that there are so many people that I have recently spoken to that appear to be feeling the same way that my friend is sharing with me. They cannot seem to put a finger on what it is exactly but, Read More

Work and stress

The following article from is a “must read” for both men and women, we think you will appreciate it. Why Work Stress Is Bad for Your Relationships At Home Work-life balance is all about finding ways to prioritize work while also prioritizing life outside of work (for example: health, pleasure, family, leisure). Although work-life balance looks a little different Read More

How Dreams Come True

I have always been a dreamer, I never swam in the same direction as many of my friends; mindset that is. I never envisioned myself as working for a company for twenty years and then getting a golden watch for surrendering twenty years of my life making someone else wealthy. I have always had an Read More