About Us

For over 20 years, Leisa White, M.A., has successfully worked with at-risk and vulnerable populations in the areas of addiction, mental health, and sex trafficking, in state and nonprofit residential communities. She has served as the Executive Director for a Boys Ranch, she created, developed and implemented an Independent Living Program to assist survivors of sex trafficking for a community nonprofit. Leisa also developed an After-care program for women graduating from local residential programs.  Leisa understands that the wounds and trauma from our past can often leave us feeling stuck.

Leisa’s years of experience as an administrator, program developer, life coach and counselor has enabled her to utilize a proven holistic process which empowers women to overcome the setbacks which stem from wounds and trauma of the past; causing them to successfully achieve their desired goals by implementing obtainable action plans, holistic healing methodologies and life strategies that allow them to achieve their  life goals and dreams.  




For over the span of twenty five years David White has experience working in the social service and mental health field helping young people, men and families in crisis. He has served as the Executive Director for a community based nonprofit, he is a seasoned parent educator and has proven to be an accomplished community liaison for other agencies and programs. He has created a diversion and prevention program for middle and high school students as well. He continues to serve as the Board Chair for a community based nonprofit. David firmly believes that men and adolescent males can benefit from someone who understands their unique mindsets and challenges when dealing with hardships, struggles and the difficulty of coping with their emotional wounds and trauma appropriately.

It is his belief that they can obtain healing, wholeness and success as they learn to use valuable tools, methodologies and life strategies to reach their life goals, aspirations and dreams as he walks with them through a proven cutting edge holistic process.


Working together; Dream Again Life Coaching and Counseling Services and Road to Rapha founder Sheryl Mills are a group of independent individuals who like to be referred to as Life Coaches.

We are based in Fort Myers, Florida, where we can enjoy the Gulf coast breezes, beaches, and sunshine most days of the year. Our individual offices are conveniently located in the south Fort Myers area just a block from State Road 41 in the  Beacon Executive Suites, as follows:


David & Leisa White- Suite 303  8359 Beacon Blvd. Fort Myers, FL 33907

Sheryl Mills- Suite 314  8359 Beacon Blvd. Fort Myers, FL 33907